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Dog Fart Network – Jane Wilde and Syren DeMer interracial sex


Dog Fart Network – Jane is a horny little girl. She likes to sneak her older, black boyfriend into the house when the parents are gone. Things start to get heated on the couch. Just as she pulls out his big black cock and starts to stuff it into her tiny little mouth…Step-Mom comes home! In a panic, she tells her boyfriend to hide behind the curtain. It doesn’t take step-mom long to find this dude hiding…naked! She grabs him by the dick and pulls him out. Step-mom doesn’t believe that her little girl, Jane can handle such a large male member. Jane is more than happy to prove she can. So she swallows that dick like a truecocksucking pro. Step-mom is impressed, but she wants to show her experience. The two fuck and suck like its a competition. The boyfriend is more than willing to share his cock. If Jane wants to ride the dick, then so does mama. If Jane wants to choke on the dick, so does mama. And if little Jane wants it in her ass, then so doesMama! What the hell…they are family right?!

Date: May 17, 2020
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